Well, after something like 15 years on Windows machines, I’ve finally taken the plunge.

Last night, I purchased a Macbook Pro. I’ve been eyeing the MacOS platform for a while now, waiting until the combination of price-point and features was optimal to make the purchase. With the release of the Macbook Pro, it seemed like the right time to try it out.

I got the lesser model (1.83 GHz) that goes for $2000. Thankfully, with my student discount, the Macbook was $1800. I spent quite a few hours last night transferring my music and pictures… about 15GB worth.

I did have trouble with iTunes… I’ve spent a lot of time rating and setting up my playlists on my PC, and on the initial transfer of files to the Mac, it seemed to have lost all of that work!

After poking around for a bit, I found that if I copied the iTunes Library files (an XML file and another one that I can’t remember – something like .lts), and overwrote the same files in the iTunes Library folder on my Mac, it recreated all of my playlists, ratings, and even song counts. Thank God for that! I really wasn’t ready to redo all of that tagging and rating.

There really is a period of adjustment going on here. I’m generally used to using the keyboard to navigate Windos efficiently, and it’ll take a while before I can do the same with the Mac.

Still… what a pretty machine!

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