Since switching from Windows a few weeks ago, I came across a site called macZOT! (the crazy CAPS seems to be endimic here). Every now and then, they offer a free bit of software for the Mac. The catch is that for the software to be free, we in the blogosphere have to link to it. The application starts at it’s regular price, and drops 5 cents for each blog linking to it.

So, here is my contribution. The software today is SubEthaEdit from CodingMonkeys. It’s a collaborative writing application that looks pretty neat. All of your collaborators share the same text entry screen, and all of their updates show up on your screen live, and vice versa. This looks like it could be pretty useful.

The deal is provided by BLOGZOT 2.0 on, who, along with the CodingMonkeys, are giving away $105,000 in Mac software if this succeeds.

So, why not help them out?

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