Years ago, there was this little cable network called TechTV. If you had cable or satellite TV, and were just a little bit geeky, then you probably heard about it, and perhaps even watched a bit.
It was technical programming that served both geeks and non-geeks, with shows that tailored to each group. For me, it was the channel that I had on all the time.

Unfortunately, TechTV was acquired by Comcast, then merged and morphed into oblivion. The resulting G4 network bears almost no resemblance to the channel that we loved.

Now, there’s a movement to bring back the old TechTV talent to form their own network, called UndoTV. Chris Pirillo announced the effort last night on his blog. It’s looking like it’ll probably be an online network, perhaps like Leo Laport’s network, but for video.

I am all for the IPTV movement.. already we have some TechTV alums producing their own IPTV shows, like and Cranky Geeks. These are great shows, and soften the blow of losing TechTV.

If UndoTV can go further in providing TechTV-style content back, even in IPTV format, then I’m all for it, and I’d do everything I could to further the movement.

Are you guys looking forward to this as much as I?

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