Just found out that Zoomr, a social photos site not-unlike Flickr, is offering free Pro accounts to bloggers. That 2.5 GB of photos for free if you have a blog… even one of those free blogger blogs.

This sounds totally worth it, and I’m going to be trying Zoomr out. I’ve been using Flickr for a long time, but I’ve been having some terrible issues with my Yahoo login that Flickr uses, and I’m unable to reset my password, so I can’t login to Flickr at all, despite being a Pro member. But, that’s another posting.

Here’s my picture from Zoomr. This is all you have to do… create an account, upload a picture, use their blogging code to paste the picture in your blog, and claim your blog on their page. See this article for instructions.


I’ll let you guys know how I like Zoomr once I’ve plaid with it.