Welcome to my little spot on the web. Iím a software engineer at an Aerospace company in Los Angeles. Iím also a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at UCLA.

Iím a web application aficionado, always interested in new and exciting websites out there. I plan on testing the ones that look interesting, and posting the best ones here on this spot.

I also plan on posting any relevant news, opinions, or editorials that I find interesting or infuriatingÖ and you will get to hear my 2 cents.

So, thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoy the content, and come back regularly.

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XBox360 Stuff

I’m also a fan of my XBox360. If you’re on XBox live, then send me a friend request. (Please write something in the message, as I don’t add random people who don’t explain themselves).

Here’s my XBox360 Gamercard, courtesy of MyGamerCards.net:

Here are my scores on Geometry Wars 2. Great Game!