So, a friend and I are starting a new podcast, both audio and video, which should be going live in the next couple of weeks. We’ve decided to use WordPress to host it, and it’s been sort of a learning experience.

We’re still setting up the site. I’m trying out the podPress WordPress plugin for creating podcasts. It seems the be the most popular one, and it supposed to automate creating the podcasts our of audio and/or video files. It even provides the iTunes links, in addition to other podcasting links.

It seems to have some rudimentary download stats as well, though I don’t know if this will be our primary stat engine. I’m throwing the kitchen sink in for stats… WordPress stats, podPress stats, Google Analytics, and maybe even the Feedburner stats for the feeds. I’ll have to figure out which one provides the most useful (and understandable) data.

So, more info soon when the podcast is up and running…

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